About Isaac


Isaac Tauaefa


Acoustic Guitar, vocals


Isaac was born in Honolulu, HI and raised there until the first grade when his family moved to Dallas, TX. When he was in the sixth grade, he took interest in learning how to play the acoustic guitar and began to teach himself from books, videos, and people around him. Isaac's real passion for music began after his football career as the starting nose guard at the University of Texas at El Paso ended abruptly due to a serious knee injury. After the injury, he discovered his love and passion for sharing music and bringing people together. Isaac is very close to his brother Josh, who he's played music with for over 12 years, and Hanai brother, Elja, who's played with them off and on since they were all younger; today, they continue to write and play music together all over the country. In January of 2016, Isaac moved back to Texas after working for a season in Hawaii and is currently writing new songs while enjoying being newly wed to his wife Kim.